CAA-SE Konferens 2015

Welcome to CAA-SE in Umeå 9 -11/11 2015
Umeå University is proud to announce the 3rd national Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Sweden conference, arranged with the support of the ArkDIS-project, Umeå University Faculty of Arts and Umeå University.

Please join us at CAA-SE 2015!

The CAA-SE Board and conference organisers:
Daniel Löwenborg, Karin Lund, Per Stenborg, Kristoffer Brink, Emelie Svenman, Philip Buckland



Day 1, Monday 9th november

Hörsal F, Humanisthuset, Umeå University Main Campus

Arrival, registration, lunch (on your own)

Opening and welcome
Session 1: GIS
Berggren Karin The Mesolithic site at Kanaljorden, Motala as 3D GIS
Jane Jansen Att hitta svenskarnas reträttväg efter stridshandlingarna vid Hönjarum skans 1678. Att använda höjddata för att hitta gamla vägar
Karin Lund Intrasis and interdisciplinary data

Fika (Swedish for coffee/tea break)

Session 2: GIS
Anthony Newton Tephrabase and the NABO project management system
Steinar Kristensen and Magne Samdal One stone, two men, three methods – Rock art documentation in Oslo
Rebecka Jonsson GIS som metod för att arbeta med kulturmiljöskyltar

Keynote: Thomas McGovern Hunter College, City University of New York: Archaeological Sites as a Distributed Long Term Observing Network of the Past. Lecture sponsored by The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities.

Independently organised (i.e. you’re on your own)


Day 2, Tuesday 10th November

Hörsal F, Humanisthuset, Umeå University Main Campus

Session 3 Digital dissemination
Per Stenborg Digital förmedling och internationella utmaningar
Daniel Löwenborg Augmented History in Gamla Uppsala


Session 3 continued
Phil Buckland VISEAD: Pushing the cutting edge of the Strategic Environmental Archaeology Database

Keynote: Christian Koch-Madsen, Greenland National Museum & Archives: Archaeological Blessings… and Curses – “300 years of field work” in Norse Vatnahverfi, South Greenland.

LUNCH (included)

Session 4: Quantitative methods
Sciuto Claudia Portable and image based NIR spectroscopy for stone materials characterization. Problematics of data collection and analysis.
Johan Linderholm Field based Near Infrared analysis of Rock paintings in northern Scandinavia
Doreen Huang, Jonatan Klaminder, Rolf Zale, Xiao-Ru Wang Using ancient DNA complementary to fossil materials for the reconstruction of past environments


Session 5: Research infrastructure and databases
Marcus Smith Digitalt tillgång till fältdokumentation och rapporter
Jeremy Azzopardi och Johan Fihn The Swedish National Data Service: Increasing data visibility and citability
Lorna-Jane Richardson Understanding digital audiences for archaeology

Panel discussion: Infrastructures for Users, Users for Infrastructures

Conference dinner Guitars the Restaurant


Day 3, Wednesday 11th November

IKDC, Sliperiet, Umeå University Arts Campus

Session 6: Applications
Fredrik Palm Data Visualization as Research Method for the Humanities
Gisli Palsson Coping with disaster: the Stórabóla plague and structural changes in early 18th century Iceland
Daniel Löwenborg 3D GIS and UAS in Luxor, Labraunda and Gamla Uppsala
Philip Buckland Using extinct insects to understand past environmental change and human impact

Concluding discussions and CAA-SE annual general meeting

LUNCH (included)

Guided tour of HUMlab-X (Arts Campus) or the Rock Art & Sapmi exhibition at Västerbottensmuseum (Gamlia).

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